Leadership Profile

Becoming a Servant-Leader


The Power & Impact of Serving People

As an artist, your connection to your roots is the foundation of your success. It’s the driving force behind your art and the source of your unique identity and authenticity. We understand the importance of this connection, and we’ve developed a proprietary eight-step approach to help artists tap into the power of their roots. 

Through our leadership profile service, artists will learn to reconnect with their birthplace, childhood neighborhood, and region they currently call home. This reconnection process will give them a deeper understanding of themselves and their art and a stronger connection to the community that has helped shape them.


Build a Stronger Connection with Your Community

Expand Your Network and Gain Exposure to Industry Leaders

Gain exposure to local, regional, and national leadership, and increase your presence in key decision-making circles.

Cultivate Conversational Skills for Business Opportunities

Develop your ability to spark conversations that generate business opportunities and foster community growth and professional partnerships.

Discover new audiences and expand your fan base

Learn how to effectively introduce yourself to new and emerging markets, so you can expand your reach and gain new fans and supporters.