Power Brokering and Negotiation

Using Your Natural Effect to Leverage the Most Value


Negotiating from a Position of Power and Influence

The art of negotiation only comes naturally to some. However, HipHoppreneur takes years of experience from high-profile negotiations in international affairs, politics, and business and applies them to your most pressing business deals. 

Our Power Brokering and Negotiation service explains the ins and outs of networking, decoding nonverbal cues, and, most importantly, identifying and articulating one’s wants and needs. With our guidance, artists can navigate the negotiation table with confidence and influence, closing more favorable deals and achieving their professional goals.


Stay in Control and Come Out on Top in Negotiations and Business Dealings

Identify your most influential or valuable attributes and when to use them.

HipHoppreneur helps you identify your biggest strengths, so you can strategically use them to persuade the other party to agree to your terms or proposals.

Maintain a position of power and influence in negotiations and business dealings.

We show you how to ensure your interests are always being represented and taken seriously so you can have greater control over the outcome of negotiations.

Resolve disputes and reach mutually beneficial agreements with confidence.

Learn techniques, such as active listening and creative problem-solving, to navigate conflicts and achieve your desired outcomes while maintaining positive business relationships.